Vertu Signture Black and Gold Ceramic UPDATED K7 luxury phone signature
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Color: Full black
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2018 new arrival replica vertu signature S Design phone with updated Visa motherboard Luxury 
Vertu signature phones invisible keyboard,
full metal body with luxury genuine leather,
one of the most luxury signature phones in the world,
this is an updated version which has Visa motherboard,
it has much faster speed
and more close to original, colorful screen,  more theme to select,
including White gold, Yellow gold, Red gold, Steel, and Brushed,
Ceramic, Knurled, and Polished, exactly the same as the original.


Best quality and best sale vertu replica phone

vertu signature S Design


most reasonable price

Luxury Vertu Signature S design Full black color invisable keyboard

with full black leahter and 
full metal body . 

Vertu signature S design Full black color

Vertu signature S design black and gold color

Vertu signature S design black and white color


  • #2018050150059
  • $279.99€256.58£186.47AU$387.95CA$379.92S$393.30HK$2169.92
  • 20150501500457
  • $279.99€256.58£186.47AU$387.95CA$379.92S$393.30HK$2169.92
  • 20150501500457
  • $279.99€256.58£186.47AU$387.95CA$379.92S$393.30HK$2169.92
  • 20150501500457
  • $279.99€256.58£186.47AU$387.95CA$379.92S$393.30HK$2169.92
  • 2015050150059
  • $279.99€256.58£186.47AU$387.95CA$379.92S$393.30HK$2169.92